Type 3 Diabetes

Unlike type 1 and type 2 diabetes, type 3 diabetes is a relatively new discovery. Affecting only pregnant women, it is actually the formal name for gestational diabetes. Expectant mothers that are diagnosed with gestational diabetes must follow restricted diets throughout their pregnancies; however, they usually recovery fully shortly after giving birth.

Women who have had gestational diabetes at any point in their lives have an increased risk of being type 2 diabetics. Doctors continue to research the causes of gestational diabetes, but several facts are established for this form of diabetes.

Overweight women are more prone to suffer from type 3 diabetes than pregnant women who are of average weight. Even women who recently lost weight just before getting pregnant are more likely to have gestational diabetes. All pregnant women can safely undergo a specific test for gestational diabetes in their second trimesters.

Gestational Diabetes Testing

Some medical professionals believe that genetics and gestational diabetes are interrelated; however, it seems that body weight is an even larger factor when it comes to type 3 diabetes. Until recently, only women who were overweight or who had lost or gained a significant amount of weight within the last year were tested for gestational diabetes. This test is optional, which means that many expectant mothers may choose not to take it or have no idea that it is even available to them.

Testing for gestational diabetes during pregnancy might actually help women of childbearing age to avoid being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the future. The test itself is described as somewhat unpleasant, however, it is minimally invasive. The patient ingests a specially prepared drink with a high concentration of sugar within a few minutes, then her blood sugar levels are tested every hour.

After the results are prepared, doctors can tell whether pregnant women have gestational diabetes, are borderline or do not have the disease. Medication based treatment methods are usually not offered to women with type 3 diabetes as a change in diet alone is effective.

Prevention of Gestational Diabetes

Prevention of Gestational Diabetes

Since the main known cause of gestational diabetes is excess bodyweight, staying fit is the best way to avoid this illness. Men are not at risk of developing gestational diabetes as it is impossible for them to become pregnant, however, they should consider all forms of diabetes when documenting their medical histories. Any woman diagnosed with this type of diabetes may develop type 2 diabetes, 20, 30 or even 50 years later.

Other known risk factors for developing gestational diabetes are largely out of the control of the expectant mothers. Women that have delivered large babies, or are over the age of 25 may be more inclined to become diabetic. Having this information is helpful, especially for doctors when attempting to make a diagnosis, but it will not help to prevent gestational diabetes.

Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Once diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a pregnant woman can only watch what she eats and hope that her sugar levels drop after delivery. Developing gestational diabetes does not guarantee that you will become a type 2 diabetic, but you should be aware of your greater risk.

Having type 3 diabetes during pregnancy can make many mothers worry unnecessarily. Eating a diet that is slightly higher in calories is necessary during a normal pregnancy, and making an effort to consume more fruits and vegetables can help to control your blood glucose numbers. With the right medical advice and consistent effort, women with gestational diabetes can often greatly reduce their chances of becoming pre-diabetic and maintain their ideal body weight after their babies are born.


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