Recognize The link between South Beach Diet and Diabetes

The South beach diet and diabetes is a relationship that has benefited many diabetic patients, in fact so many, that most nutritionists and doctors recommend it. Diabetes results in elevated blood sugar but the opposite of too little blood sugar is a common complication with the disease. The balance of blood sugar levels is a key component of managing the disease, and proper diet and exercise are often effective in that effort.

South Beach Diet and diabetes

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a diet plan that was designed by Marie Almon and Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist and dietician, respectively. The aim of the diet is weight loss and heart health.

The diet plan encourages consuming good sources of carbohydrates and good sources of fats as well as avoiding bad carbohydratesand bad fats. The target of the diet plan is to help the individual choose the right foods to eat and eliminate the cravings for the bad foods.

Diabetes and the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet and diabetes work well together as diabetics need sugar control, which can be achieved by eating the right kinds of carbohydrates. Overweight or obese individuals are also prone to diabetes and an overweight or obese diabetic is prone to the disease’s complications. Choosing the right fats will result in weight loss, which will help manage diabetes.

The Phases of the South Beach Diet

The implementation of the South Beach Diet is done in three phases:

  • Phase I – The first stage eliminates any cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugars. At this stage, individuals eat lean meats, high fiber vegetables, low fat dairy products, low fat cheese, low saturated fat nuts, and the like. Snacking is encouraged during this phase, which lasts two weeks and significant weight loss can occur during this phase.
  • Phase II – In the second phase, more fruits and vegetables are included and length of the second phase is varied but stops when you reach the ideal weight
  • Phase III – The third stage is also the long-term phase, which encourages lifestyle adoption. During the third stage, the individual can indulge in all types of food excluding high sugars and unrefined carbohydrates

South Beach Diet and Diabetes

South Beach Diet and DiabetesThe South Beach Diet and diabetes link is a positive one, as the diet works perfectly with type II Diabetes or pre-diabetes as shown by:

  • Weight loss – Achieving and maintaining an ideal weight helps in managing and avoiding diabetes.
  • Low glycemic food plan – The diet is essentially composed of foods with low glycemic index, as these types of food help to maintain proper blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Low saturated fat food plan – The diet consists of food low in saturated fat that helps ward off heart diseases and obesity, two of the major problems associated with diabetes.

South Beach Diet and Exercise

The South Beach Diet and diabetes relationship is not complete without exercise and the newest South Beach Diet includes moderate exercise as a part of the diet plan. Exercise not only helps to lose and maintain weight, it also helps in the uptake of glucose by the cells.

When it comes to managing diabetes, diet can play a big factor. More and more diabetes recipes and diabetes food plans are now available for affected individuals to use and apply at home. When looking for a good diet plan that helps build the discipline needed that most diabetic individuals lack, the South Beach Diet is a good plan from which to start. The link between South Beach Diet and diabetes is a beneficial one, one that should not be regarded as another dieting fad.


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