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A lot of controversy surrounds the issue of reversing diabetes. While no cure for diabetes exists once you become symptomatic, some researchers claim to have found a way of not just dealing with the symptoms but that can actually get the pancreas to produce more insulin. These techniques are known as reversing, rather than curing, diabetes and apply only to type 2 diabetes, where the function of the pancreas is partially impaired rather than stopped all together.

The Science

Diabetes is all about your blood sugar levels and your body’s ability to produce insulin to break down glucose, what you put into your body in terms of food will determine how your body reacts. The main thrust of any organization or researcher who claims to be capable of reversing diabetes is looking at your diet.

Most of these diets focus on dramatic weight loss as an unhealthy body weight adds fat onto the pancreas and puts a lot of pressure on the organ to produce much more insulin.

Nadia was a dress designer. She has her own boutique. She was very happy with her work but the only problem was that she was continuously sitting for 6 to 7 hours daily. Because of that she gained too much weight onto the pancreas.

 Her doctor told her that due to the fat accumulated over her pancreas doesn’t allow it to produce sufficient insulin. Doctor suggested that she has to lose weight otherwise she cannot deal with this problem. It was very important for her to bring about some big changes with the diet and her routine. She has decided to lose weight! “

The theory goes that you can reverse diabetes by lowering the body’s expectations of the pancreas instead of trying to increase the pancreas functionality.

Specialty Diets

Losing weight with diabetes, especially if you are looking into reversing diabetes, requires a slightly different approach from other weight loss programs. For instance, with a points based system, you would still “earn” sugary snacks and alcohol in moderation. For diabetics, you cannot reward yourself with sugar and alcohol, and for reversing diabetes, you should try incorporating some of the following into your diet:

Specialty Diets

  • Raw food – A large school of thought suggests that a diet made up of solely raw food, including fish as part of a sushi meal, can dramatically lower your blood sugar levels and help you to lose weight. Unsurprisingly, given that a large percentage of most fruit and vegetables is water, you will need to eat larger portion sizes to get the right calorific input, but you can fill yourself up on nuts and potatoes, as long as they are raw.
  • Diet drinks – A recent study with a very small sample size put a group of people with type 2 diabetes on a diet of 600 calories a day, which is taken solely through diet drinks. The fat around their pancreas decreased by 25% and they lost over 30 pounds on average. The disappearance of their diabetes was a result of the loss of fat around the pancreas, believed to be inhibiting the production of insulin.
  • Swap out carbohydrates – The core of any diet will be to swap or cut out carbohydrates from your meals. Carbohydrates provide long burning energy for your muscles, but turns very quickly into fat if the energy isn’t used up. You can still get long lasting energy from foods that provide high protein levels such as nuts, meat and leafy vegetables. Foods with a high fiber level also make good carbohydrate substitutes as they take more energy to break down so they release their energy slowly.

Essential Exercise

Eating the right amounts of the right foods is a large part of reversing diabetes but an essential part of the process is exercise. You could view the whole process as an aim to lose weight and make yourself a schedule of exercises that will burn fat quickly. These typically include any sport that raises your heartbeat above 140 beats per minute and maintains that intensity for at least 20 minutes. This could be playing any physical sport like soccer or basketball, or taking up a solitary activity like running, biking or swimming.

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