Recognize The Ways For Treatment Of Diabetes

Like most modern illnesses, no guarantees come with treatment of diabetes, and a diabetes vaccine is not coming in the near future. While this does paint a bit of a bleak picture, you need to remember that diabetes is a non-fatal illness that you can often manage effectively by changes to your lifestyle; it can often be managed by medication, as well. The treatment that you need will depend on the type of diabetes that you have and your current manner of living.

Diabetic Medical Treatments

Treatment of DiabetesLearning how to control diabetes is a life-long process that starts as soon as you get your diabetes diagnosis. The medical treatment of diabetes will also vary depending on what type of diabetes you have.

People with Type I diabetes are unable to produce any insulin at all, so the main treatment is an insulin injector that must be carried with you at all times. You will also need a blood sugar monitor, although you will learn to recognize the signs of hypoglycemia fairly quickly.

Type II diabetesdescribes patients who have problems producing enough insulin in the pancreas or who have difficulty processing insulin. Numerous oral treatments available for this type of diabetes come from years of Type 2 diabetes research. The treatment of diabetes work in one of three ways:

  • Lowering your blood sugar level through pancreas stimulation. This artificially increases the amount of insulin in your system. The pills can take some time to digest so you will need to take them regularly.
  • Helping the body to move sugar around more efficiently, especially into your muscles. These drugs do cause increases in acid, so they will not be prescribed if you have kidney problems.
  • Lowering the amount of sugar released by the liver. These drugs will also make fat cells more susceptible to being broken down by insulin, which will help you with diabetes weight loss. The these drugs can take a few weeks before taking effect, so you will need to be patient to allow time to see if they actually work for you.

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Each has its side effects, as with all drugs, and you will need to consult with your doctor in order to find the most effective treatment. One treatment to avoid is the diabetes drug Mediator, which has been linked to deaths and long-term damage in numerous countries.

Herbal Treatments for Diabetes

Herbal Treatments for DiabetesRumors always circulate that different herbs can do the same job as modern medicine for a fraction of the price, and the same is true for diabetes. Some homeopaths hail the Indian plant Salacia oblonga as a new treatment for diabetes, and early research indicates that it could be helpful in controlling the increase in blood sugar levels that happen naturally after eating. As with all herbal remedies, it may or may not work for different people, but always consult a health care professional before using any herbal remedy or discontinuing prescribed medication.

Self Regulation

Reversing diabetes is not possible solely through medication, as the drugs function by helping your body cope with the symptoms rather than fixing them. Only through self control and regulation can you hope to kick-start your metabolism and help your body to process insulin properly. This means taking a careful look at your diet, avoiding giving yourself sugar rushes and making changes to your lifestyle.

You will also need to increase the amount of exercise you do to increase your metabolic rate, which in turn increases insulin production. Finally, the best treatment of diabetes is to give up any poisons, such as nicotine or alcohol, and live a stress-free life, even if this means getting a new job.


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