Proven Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Using natural remedies for diabetes can be a great way to avoid the constant stream of medication that can accompany both of the major types of diabetes. A distinction needs to be made here between natural remedies and supplements.

Natural Remedies for DiabetesSupplements are minerals and vitamins that often come in combined pills that work alongside your regular medication. Natural remedies offer alternative diabetes treatment through enzymes and acids found naturally in certain foods and can be used to replace certain medicines.

Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

The use of certain herbs and spices as natural remedies for diabetes goes back a long way. Initially they would have served to meet the symptoms of diabetes such as increased thirst and urination, tiredness and weight loss, but over time their significance has been revealed. While none of the following are FDA certified as helping you control your blood sugar levels, they all have plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest they are effective natural remedies for diabetes:

  • CinnamonCinnamon and diabetes or cinnamon and blood sugar have long been associated together. While cinnamon does not necessarily affect the insulin production levels in your pancreas, eating enough of the spice can lead you to feel full more quickly, which in turn will slow down your body’s production of blood sugar.
  • Banaba – Many people have never heard of banaba herbs, but it is a common herbal remedy for weight loss, and is becoming one of the more popular natural remedies for diabetes. The main component of banaba is corosolic acid, which is believed to inhibit the production of glucose in the liver, which in turn puts less stress on your pancreas to produce insulin to break it down. Banaba most commonly comes in loose leaf form making it ideal for a healthy tea.
  • Garlic – Garlic has been used as a natural diabetes treatment for a number of years, and scientific research is slowly being done into its effectiveness in reducing blood sugar levels. People with poor circulation consume garlic as a way of getting their blood flowing properly, and this property means that your body is able to break down more of the glucose in the blood stream before it reaches your muscle cells. Garlic also builds sensitivity to insulin, so your body will make more effective use of the insulin it produces.

Hot Drinks

Natural diabetes treatmentBanaba leaves can be hard to purchase, but a growing amount of research points towards drinking hot banaba drinks as one of the natural cures diabetes sufferers have available. Hot water already makes the contents easier to digest, as your stomach does not have to heat the drink to body temperature.

Any hot drink that contains caffeine will automatically kick start your metabolism for a few hours, meaning that your pancreas will work a little bit harder to produce insulin. While a complete caffeine addiction will be dangerous, a cup or two of tea or coffee each day may help.

Green tea, as opposed to regular black tea, increases the action of insulin in the body. It contains antioxidants, which combine with the insulin molecules to break down glucose quicker, meaning that your body needs less insulin. It can also help reduce the amount of glucose that becomes absorbed into your intestines, which lowers the top peak of blood sugar.

It may sound like these natural remedies for diabetes make modern medicine redundant, but you must remember that a lot of the benefits of these remedies are anecdotal and have yet to be proven sufficiently for them to be made part of every diabetes plan. They may be worth trying, but consult with your doctor before adding any of them to your regular diet.

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