Natural Cure for Diabetes

A natural cure for diabetes may be possible in some cases, particularly when you have a pre-diabetic condition. Even if you have diagnosed diabetes, you can try from a number of natural cures and see how they work on you.

How do Natural Cures for Diabetes Work?

Natural Cures for DiabetesConventional medicines aim to provide insulin to the body in order to transport blood sugar from the blood to the cells and maintain blood sugar levels in normal range. Oral medicines cause the pancreas to work harder to produce insulin, but when the body does not produce insulin at all, insulin injections do the work instead. Whatever method you choose, you have to make dietary and lifestyle changes which are vital for diabetes management.

Natural cures for diabetes work by restoring the biochemical processes in the body so it can metabolize and use the glucose from food. When you eat healthily, more raw foods, including foods with a high glycemic index, lots of fiber and reduce your intake of refined and junk foods, these will reduce your sugar levels. When combines with exercise to expend calories, the diet and exercise regimen plays an important role in controlling diabetes.

Food Taken as Natural Cures for Diabetes

Many foods and plants act as natural cures, but you should not have too much of one substance alone.

  • Bitter gourd or bitter melon is eaten or its juice drunk to mitigate the effects of diabetes. While it is a known home remedy, science has now found that it actually contains lectin which works just like insulin. It binds with the insulin receptors and helps lower blood sugar. You can take about 100-150 ml of juice in a day.
  • Fenugreek leaves and seeds are both use as natural cures for diabetes. The leaves are usually cooked, though their juice can also be extracted. You can take up to 90 grams of fenugreek seeds in a day at different times and the seeds can be added to food and even sprouted.

Food Taken as Natural Cures for Diabetes

  • Cinnamon can be powdered or had whole, added to many dishes. It works by mimicking the natural insulin and succeeds in lowering blood sugar levels. You can have up to half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day at different times.
  • Nigella seeds (nigella sativa) have known to help cure diabetes. These seeds can be cooked with many foods and nigella oil, naturally extracted, can also help – you should take two to four teaspoons of oil daily, in divided doses.
  • Grapeseed extract is also used to help with increased blood sugar levels. You can take 50-100 mg a day in the form of capsules at any time of the day.
  • Whole dry beans, cooked, are a very helpful dietary additive as they provide good quality protein and fiber and counteract the effects of diabetes.
  • Syszgium cumini is a purple fruit which is an effective natural cure for diabetes – it is usually juiced and drunk.
  • Holy basil is a different kind of basil, related to sweet basil. It has many medicinal properties and is used in foods and tea and helps by secreting more insulin.
  • Other leaves which play are natural diabetes cures include fig leaves, mango leaves, bay leaves, milk thistle, curry leaves, aloe vera should be had in small quantities.

Natural oils particularly cold pressed natural oils are much better as processed and refined fats, especially trans fats are a major causative factor in diabetes. Olive oil, virgin coconut oil and flax seed oil in small quantities are helpful in diabetes, but these should take the place of refined and other oils in the diet.

When trying natural cures for diabetes you should continue your oral medicine or insulin injections as these remedies take time to be effective. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly and if your sugar levels reduce, talk to your doctor about reducing your insulin intake of medicines.


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