Medical Alert ID Bracelet

In the past medical alert id bracelet were not a thing of beauty as they are today. It may surprise you to know that many people now wear them to make a fashion statement even if they may not have a serious medical condition.

Your medical id bracelet ensures that you receive the right kind of treatment. If you are a diabetic and have slipped into a diabetic coma due to your condition it is vitally important that paramedics know you have diabetes.

If you are incapacitated how are they going to know that? By the time they figure out what is wrong it could be too late. Those with diabetes need special consideration when injured, even if it is something as simple as a cut that is not life threatening.


Too Embarrassed

For years a young woman we’ll call “Kay” suffered from type 2 diabetes; something that any responding medical personnel should immediately know about before treating her in an emergency situation. Still, Kay refused to wear bracelets because, in her words, “They’re ugly!”

Today she proudly owns 3 medical bracelets. She never goes a day without wearing one and is constantly getting comments about how beautiful they are. Because she is so proud of how her medical id bracelets look, she now has the courage to show people she is a diabetic, something she was always ashamed of before.

Because these bracelets have become a fine piece of jewelry, Kay is now safe and at ease knowing that if she is ever injured and unable to communicate, she will still get the right care for her type 2 diabetes.


Great for Children

As children get older they become more conscious about any differences they may have from other children close to them. Many do not want any medical condition they have to be known by their peers. Today children have a choice.

Some wear their medical bracelets as they would proudly wear their favorite jewelry. Many wear their id bracelets to show other children that they do not have to be embarrassed by any physical condition the might have.

Today’s children can keep their medical condition to themselves if they choose to by having a medical id that comes in the form of a dog tag that can be tucked away in their blouse. That way only medical personnel will see it and get vital knowledge it contains.


Diabetes Bracelets

Diabetes affects 25.8 million people in the US alone and 215,000 are people under the age of 20. Because of these alarming numbers Sticky Jewelry has available a nice catalog of Medical ID Alert Bracelets in support for those suffering from this serious disease.

Their Diabetes Medical Velcro Sport Straps come in 6 beautiful colors, red, yellow, black, blue, pink, and purple. The straps are made from 1 inch wide, 2mm thick Velcro with Velcro latch. The engravable plaque is made from fine brushed stainless steel 1 inch wide.

Your plaque can be up to 5 lines, 20 characters each and is etched in black with lasers to ensure clarity. Your engravable Sport Straps start at just $9.95.


The Kids Choice

Kids love the new leather and hemp Diabetes Medical Bracelets. You can choose from the following leather colors; earth tone, brown/green, dark brown/rust, and brown/uncolored hemp. The kid’s leather bracelets start at $15.95 and can be with or without etched engraving.

Kids love these beautiful natural, earthy looking bracelets, but it’s not just the kid’s choice here. Adults can feel safe knowing if there is an emergency their kids will be well taken care of because rescue personnel will see their child’s medical alert id bracelets.

To get your medical id bracelet, simply click on any of the pictures or on the link below to shop for the perfect medical alert bracelet for your needs.

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