How to Cure Diabetes

Once diagnosed, many people wonder how to cure diabetes. Unfortunately there is no absolute cure for diabetes. You may be able to cure some types of diabetes and all types can be regulated, but there is not much you can do to force your body to properly regulate your blood sugar. Fortunately, even if your body cannot regulate your blood sugar, you can do plenty of things to do so, thus ensuring that you have minimal complications or symptoms of the disease.

Types of Diabetes

If you already have diabetes, you probably know that type one and type two are commonly found in adults and cannot be cured but can be regulated. The other, less common form of diabetes is called gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs when a woman develops blood sugar problems after becoming pregnant. If monitored and regulated, it will not usually affect the baby and many women find that after their baby is born, they no longer have it.

Regulating vs. Curing

Many people who follow a strict diet and exercise regimen after getting diabetes find that they have no symptoms and can keep their blood sugar at a normal level naturally, without the help of medications. When this happens, they believe that they are cured. However, this is really just them using natural methods to regulate their condition. If these people go back to eating the way they used to, they will experience high blood sugar levels again. While a non-diabetic’s body would be able to lower those blood sugar levels after eating high sugar foods, the diabetic person would immediately go back to having symptoms.

Diabetes Research

Diabetes ResearchWhile there is currently no cure for diabetes, many scientists are currently researching how to cure diabetes. Diabetes affects millions of people around the world and is only getting more prevalent. One of the leaders in diabetes research is an organization called the Diabetes Research Institute. The goal of the Diabetes Research Institute, or DRI, is develop and apply research in order to both treat and cure diabetes as quickly as possible.

The DRI has been researching how to cure diabetes since 1971 and is well known for its cure-based research. Recent research into diabetes cures involves restoring natural insulin production in the body through transplanting insulin-producing cells called islets.

Currently, the main problem with these cures for diabetes is that the body will not accept those cells and patients must take powerful immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of their lives. These drugs have very negative side effects, some of which actually affect the islet cells. Right now, researchers are researching the best ways to keep the immune system from attacking those islet cells so that they can thrive and help the body produce insulin.

Regulating Diabetes

Until scientists discover how to cure diabetes, the best thing you can do is regulate the disease through diet, exercise and medication. In order to regulate your diabetes, you should exercise regularly, lose weight, and eat a healthy diet low in sugars and carbohydrates. With the help of your doctor, you can monitor your blood sugar regularly and may need to take drugs like metformin to help regulate your blood sugar. If you do these things, it is possible to live a perfectly normal, healthy life with minimal diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes can be a life-changing condition that currently has no cure. Many scientists are researching how to cure diabetes and there are numerous foundations dedicated to finding a cure. Researchers have made great progress in finding a cure, but there are still major setbacks to the process. Currently, the best way to deal with diabetes is by managing it through diet and exercise. With the help of your doctor, you can live a long and healthy life even without finding a cure for diabetes.


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