How To Combat Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a medical condition which often goes undiagnosed, but should not be ignored especially with so many people suffering from weight related problems. In layman’s terms, this condition exists when the cells of the body (specifically fat, muscle, and liver cells) are not able to respond appropriately to insulin secretion. If not addressed, the problem can result in a serious deterioration of health.

The causes of this condition are still not entirely known. There can be multiple factors at play, including genetics, a poor diet, lack of sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle. The good news is that certain lifestyle changes can often help to combat the worst effects of insulin resistance. The following information and advice should be kept in mind if you have been diagnosed with this medical problem.

It is believed that excessive consumption of carbohydrates is a major factor in the development of this condition. For this reason, it is important to reduce one’s intake of carbs to as low a level as possible. Spend time learning about the difference between good carbs and bad carbs, and familiarize yourself with glycemic index ratings. A paleotype diet would perhaps be the best approach. Avoid refined food such as white flour and white rice as much as possible, and boost your intake of fiber and protein.

Exercise can help to combat many health problems, including insulin resistance. Studies have found that frequent exercise can help restore the body’s cells ability to respond correctly to insulin. You do not need to join an expensive gym to see the desired results. Moderate exercise such as taking a long walk every other day or going cycling or swimming can have a big impact. Exercise uses up glucose from the bloodstream.

Although we live in a world full of convenience and comfort, stress and anxiety related problems are at epidemic levels. Chronic stress can have a devastating impact on one’s health and well-being. The greater stressed a person is, the more of the hormone cortisol is released, this interferes with the body’s glucose metabolism causing resistance to arise.

There are many ways to learn how to rid anxiety from one’s life. Exercise is effective as are techniques and practices such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Try and avoid the situations that make you stressed and spend more time doing things that you enjoy. Deep breathing and a warm bath both can have a positive impact on the mind.

Certain herbal supplements are believed to help reduce blood sugar levels. If you want to try out this approach, visit your local wellness store and shop for fenugreek, garlic capsules, and even onion. Also, vitamin D supplements, omega 3, and magnesium are all beneficial when trying to combat this condition.

Insulin resistance is not a problem that has to have a negative impact on your life. You should take such a diagnosis as a sign that the time has come to make some positive changes. With the right understanding and approach you can get your health back on track.


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