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Diabetics are not encouraged to use an herbal treatment for diabetes, unless they are borderline diabetics. This is because the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the majority of herbal diabetic treatments, and the results of the most recent scientific studies have not been conclusive. Although research proves herbal supplements, plant extracts and even special diets have helped some diabetes sufferers, insulin is still the most prescribed diabetes medication.

Popular Herbal Diabetes Treatments

Herbal Treatment for DiabetesHerbal supplements and pills are perhaps the most heavily used herbal remedies. For many years, various cultures have utilized herbs, vitamins and minerals ranging from chromium to Allium sativum. Some foods also have qualities that regulate blood sugar levels, however, it is largely unknown if they work as efficiently as insulin.

Unless you are pre or borderline diabetic, it may be best for you to heed the advise of your medical doctor before trying out an herbal treatment for diabetes. While diabetes is a highly manageable disease, patients must be cautious about what treatments they use. Even FDA-approved prescription medications for diabetes are not effective for all types of the disease.

Salacia oblonga is a traditional herbal treatment for diabetes that is quite prevalent in India. This herbal treatment is most effective on patients with type 2 diabetes. Because diabetes can become more serious when a patient is overweight, leads a sedentary lifestyle or has other underlying medical issues, some treatments are actually aimed at treating other disorders.

Herbal Diabetic Treatments

Treatment for diabetesDiabetes has existed in nature far longer than modern science or medicine has been established. As such, different herbal treatment for diabetes has been effective to some degree throughout history. However, determining just how beneficial herbs, plants and minerals are when used to treat diabetes is very difficult.

Doctors have been unable to agree on whether herbal diabetic treatments are as reliable as traditional treatments for diabetes. Prescription medications must be tested and studied for years before they are legally manufactured and distributed. Although the market for herbal treatments is growing, most companies do not have the resources necessary to invest in the testing of alternative diabetes treatments.

If you go to a holistic medicine practitioner, you can discuss the effectiveness of herbal diabetic treatments in detail. Having an understanding of your individual medical history, access to the latest scientific findings concerning alternative diabetes treatments and the ability to reference other cases is helpful to medical experts when making recommendations.

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Insulin or Diabetes Herbal Treatments

Since its first introduction as a diabetes treatment, insulin has remained the most popular treatment amongst Western medicine practitioners. As insulin is easy to produce and highly stable even when stored for extended periods, this life saving medicine has the most consistently positive results. The various types of diabetics are usually able to take insulin in order to keep their blood sugar levels within a reasonable range.

It is possible that holistic diabetes treatments will actually be more beneficial to some diabetics, particularly those that have no other medical issues. If your blood sugar levels are consistently within a healthy range, you have an ideal bodyweight and exercise regularly, utilizing a natural diabetic remedy can help you to avoid encountering some of the side effects associated with insulin.

For those that do intend on trying an herbal treatment for diabetes, make sure that you have thoroughly investigated all of your options. If you are averse to giving yourself injections, it is possible that you could be prescribed an oral form of insulin. Diabetes medications are not appropriate for all diabetics, so it is important that you discuss your final decision with a doctor before changing your diet or using an herbal supplement.

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