Free Diabetes Supplies

Finding some free diabetes supplies can make living with the disease much easier, since you will have access to all of the supplies needed at all times. Diabetes can cost you a great deal of money, since the strips needed for testing, the syringes and the monitoring device all cost money. Keep an eye out for cost efficient ways to deal with diabetes to save you money long term.

Medical Insurance

The easiest way to get your diabetes supplies for free is through your health insurance provider. Often, insurance covers things like lancets and monitors, which allow you to keep track of your blood sugar levels throughout the day. In some cases, you can have your insulin and syringes covered as well, depending on the prescription that your doctor writes and your health insurance policy.

All people with diabetes can get these free supplies, as long as they have adequate medical insurance. Keep in mind that you might have to pay a deductible and receive refunds once you reach this deductible. You also might have to pay 20 percent of the total costs after reaching your deductible, so not everything is completely free, but it will cost you much less than it would without insurance.

With Prescription

When you get your prescription, make sure that you ask for any free diabetes supplies at the pharmacy. In some cases, they will provide you with free lancers and monitors, but will charge you for the testing strips. They do so because the market for these strips is very competitive, so they will give you a break on the initial cost to gain your business.

What You Need

What You Need

It remains very important that you find the right supplies when you look, since so many different items are available. If you have type 1 diabetes, you will need syringes or a pump to deliver insulin into your bloodstream. You must also monitor your blood sugar levels constantly to ensure that they do not get too high or too low.

When your levels get too high, it signifies that you need insulin. If they get too low, it usually means that you should eat a healthy meal. Keeping track of these levels makes it easier for you to live a normal life.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you can probably manage it with a healthy diet and exercise. Your doctor might also prescribe medication for you to take orally. Educate yourself about how to manage diabetes and it might make your search for free diabetes supplies unnecessary in the near future.

Money Saving Tips

If you do not have medical insurance and find it difficult to find free supplies, you can lower your costs in other ways. Begin by reusing syringes, whenever you have the chance. Make sure that you keep these syringes clean and disinfect them thoroughly before reusing.

You can receive a self-training tutorial through your insurance provider as well, which allows you to manage the disease on your own. This prevents you from having to make frequent doctor visits whenever you run into some complications. These courses teach you to use your free diabetes supplies properly.


While oral medication can treat the majority of diabetes cases, serious cases require plenty of supplies. If you find yourself needing these supplies, you should do everything in your power to find them for a good rate.


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