Fasting Blood Sugar

Fasting blood sugar readings refer to the amount of glucose present in the blood of diabetics prior to eating. When fasting blood glucose levels are elevated even before consuming any food, it is a sign that you have diabetes. Doctors also rely on fasting blood glucose results in order to make medical decisions.

A diabetic knows instantly whether to be concerned by looking at his or her fasting glucose sugar level. To diagnose diabetes, a fasting test is performed, and these results are compared to glucose levels taken after the patient eats.

Determining Fasting Blood Sugar Readings

Diabetics should ideally test fasting blood glucose readings at least once every 24 hours. If the amount of sugar in their blood suddenly surges, testing can help them to get medical assistance before they fall ill. Measuring your fasting blood glucose level can also tell you how well a particular eating plan is working.

Blood tests provide the data for fasting blood glucose levels. You can perform them at home with diabetes testing supplies, or you can go to a laboratory. Test results can be provided instantaneously, or sometimes it can take a few days before they become available.

Extremely high blood glucose test results not only show that you are eating too many carbohydrates and foods that are high in processed sugar, but they can also be a precursor to diabetic coma. When diabetics are unable or unwilling to reduce their fasting blood sugar numbers, they can face a multitude of medical issues.

Ideal Fasting Blood Glucose Ranges

Those that are not diabetic should not have fasting blood glucose numbers more than 125 mg/dL. A reading of more than 125 mg/dL could mean that you are pre-diabetic or have Type 1, 2 or 3 diabetes.

Blood glucose readings that are taken after meals should be significantly higher. Diabetics that have unhealthy lifestyles can have severely elevated fasting blood glucose readings that are very high. Since the human body naturally breaks down glucose over time, an extremely high fasting blood sugar reading means that the diabetic should made major lifestyle changes at once.

Fasting Blood Glucose Usage

Fasting Blood Glucose Usage

Whether you have diabetes, have relatives that are diabetic or are simply interested in finding out how healthy you are, fasting blood glucose readings can supply you with useful information. You may want to arrange to have a full range blood test performed so that you can find out what your fasting blood glucose results are. This information, combined with your resting heart rate, cholesterol levels and related vital statistics will let your doctor know if you are at risk for developing diabetes.

Low Fasting Blood Glucose Levels

Although most literature on diabetes tends to focus on elevated sugar levels, people with low blood glucose readings are at risk. In fact, diabetics are sometimes afflicted with hypoglycemia, a condition that can sometimes lead to blindness and loss of consciousness. If a diabetic is not aware that he or she has hypoglycemia and does not get prompt medical attention, the results can be deadly.

With medical care, hypoglycemia can be eliminated or successfully managed to the point where it is barely an issue. You may also have to take additional medications, but battling both diabetes and hypoglycemia can put your overall health at risk. It is ideal to get the medical care that you need rather than to attempt to treat this disorder on your own.

The results that you get from your fasting blood sugar results will help you to avoid developing serious illnesses. If you consistently get the same healthy fasting glucose results everyday, you are already on the right track toward remaining healthy and fit.


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