Examine Pre Diabetes Signs And Symptoms

When diagnosed with pre diabetes, it means that you have high blood sugar, but it has not yet reached a stage where you can consider it type 2 diabetes. If you continue living your life in the same way, however, this diagnosis means that you will end up with diabetes within the next 10 years. If you find out that you have this high blood sugar problem, take the time to improve your health, before it becomes a major problem.

Signs and Symptoms

prevent pre diabetes

If you suspect that you could develop diabetes, make sure that you look for potential signs. The major signs that you could be developing the disease include tiredness, blurring of your vision, increased urination and dehydration. If any of these things have recently appeared in your life, you should see a doctor immediately.

Certain people have a higher risk for pre diabetes, so you should keep an eye on things if you fall into one of those categories. This remains especially true for overweight or inactive people, since eating poorly and lacking exercise lead to diabetes. You should also get checked, if you have a history of diabetes in your family.

How It Develops

Although researchers have not pinpointed the exact cause of the disease, it seems to relate to excessive fat. When someone gains too much weight, it usually means that the person cannot process glucose properly, which leads to high blood pressure. This glucose builds up in the bloodstream, rather than supplying the body with energy, and leaves you without energy.

When you go into the beginning stages of diabetes, it means that you are at the beginning of this process. You will likely feel a decrease in energy because the glucose is not reaching your cells. Luckily, you can reverse this process if you commit to some immediate lifestyle changes.


prevent pre diabetes

When you visit your doctor, a number of different detection methods exist. All of these methods involve testing the blood glucose levels in your body, to determine if you have an imbalance. These tests let you know if you have normal glucose levels, pre diabetes levels or have reached a full diabetic level.


If you find out that you could develop diabetes, you should begin by following a healthier diet. If you choose foods with lower caloric and fat values, it can lower your weight substantially. You should also eat foods that contain more fiber, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

“Jane was a guy who loves to have junk food. One day, he was feeling very uneasy. After checkup, he was shocked to know that he has suffering from diabetes. He was very worried about that.

 Doctor suggested that he should take some precautions .He has to followed healthier diet. After that, he avoided junk foods and added healthy foods in his diet such as fiber, whole grains and vegetable. Within a month, he noticed some drastic changes in his health.”

Physical activity also holds importance, since it can eliminate many of your weight problems. Exercise for between half an hour and an hour five days of the week to gain the maximum benefits. You do not have to complete all of this exercise at once, as breaking it down into smaller intervals provides the same total amount of exercise.

Focus on maintaining a healthy weight, as this can help you prevent diabetes. If you find yourself in a high-risk category, even losing five or 10 percent of your overall mass can help significantly. To ensure that this weight loss lasts, developing eating habits with which you can stick.

If all else fails, you might need medication to prevent pre diabetes. Your doctor will prescribe these drugs if needed, but you should explore all of these natural solutions before heading in this direction.


Even if you do not have any of the symptoms of diabetes, it does not mean that they will not ever develop. You should always eat healthy foods, lose the extra weight on your body and exercise frequently to make you as healthy as possible. If you think that you might have pre diabetes or if your family history contains diabetes, these precautions immediately become even more important to your health.



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