A Complete Diabetes Weight Loss Guide

Diabetes weight loss can definitely make it easier for you to deal with your diabetes, and in some cases, it can help reverse the process. Overweight people generally experience more complications than those at a healthy weight, so losing weight can eliminate other health problems. If you can lose just a few pounds, you will begin feeling much better and your diabetes will have less of an impact on your life.

Your Current Life

You should begin this process by looking at your current lifestyle and determining where you can make changes. Begin by looking at your current weight and see how much you need to lose to reach a healthy rate. You can also look at environmental factors that could lead to weight gain, such as how often you eat in front of the television.

If you can give an honest opinion of the things that could cause you to gain weight, you can take the first steps towards eliminating them. By eating out less and maintaining awareness of the number of calories that you put into your body, you can lose weight relatively quickly.

Starting the Process

When starting diabetes weight loss, begin by talking to your family and friends and asking them to support you. You must burn more calories than you consume, so the fewer calories you put into your body, the less you will have to burn. You do not want to lose weight too rapidly, however, as this can lead to its own health complications.

Try to lose about half a pound per week until you reach a comfortable weight. To do so, cut between 250 and 1000 calories from your diet daily by making healthier choices when grocery shopping. If you live with others, let them know that you would appreciate having healthier food options around the house.

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Choosing Foods

Diabetes Weight Loss FoodsYour diabetes weight loss depends greatly on what you put into your body. You can start by consuming more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, since they have fewer calories. Make sure that these options do not have added salt or sugar, since your body does not need these additives.

Try to purchase whole grains whenever possible, since they have health benefits not found in refined grains. Stay away from cereals with high sugar content and opt for oatmeal or whole grain bread products for breakfast.

Include lean cuts of beef and other meats in your diet, rather than fatty cuts. Remove the skin from poultry and try to eat fish two or three times per week. Always select low-fat dairy products, like cheese and milk.

Lower your portion sizes and avoid unhealthy snacks, since these can ruin your diet very quickly. If you have trouble keeping your portion sizes down, purchase smaller plates, as this will encourage you to eat less.


Keeping active will help you lose weight and also lowers your blood sugar levels when they get too high. Since you need to burn all of the calories that you consume throughout the day, exercise is important because it burns those calories. Make sure that you come up with a specific exercise plan and stick with it throughout the week to maximize your diabetes weight loss.

Sticking With Your Plan

When you come up with a weight loss plan, take all of the necessary steps to stick with it. Write your weight loss goals down on a sheet of paper or in your journal and weigh yourself weekly. Tracking your goals is essential to your weight loss success.

Remember that although the first steps of diabetes weight loss might seem difficult, it does get easier once you get started. After you lose this weight, you will have a much easier time of controlling your diabetes.

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