Maintain Blood Sugar Level With Diabetes Testing Supplies

Getting hold of the right diabetes testing supplies will help you to get a first diagnosis of the illness in the first place and will then allow you to maintain control over your blood sugar levels. Depending on your type of diabetes and your personal circumstances, you may need to test your sugar levels anywhere between once a day and once an hour. The more severe your condition, the more likely you are to qualify for free diabetes supplies from mail order companies that negotiate directly with your health insurance provider.

Essential Testing Supplies

Any diabetes test kit should come ready to use with the minimum amount of preparation needed. You can usually buy diabetes test strips that are disposable after a single use, but you can also buy ones that cost a little more but that will provide you with multiple tests. The following are other essential diabetes testing supplies that you will need:

  • Insulin syringe — These will normally delivered to your house pre-packaged and pre-loaded with your recommended dose of insulin. Under no circumstances can you swap or lend these to another sufferer, even in an emergency, as the amount of insulin needed will vary greatly from person to person. You will also need to take medical guidance from your health care professional about how to correctly inject yourself and times when it is appropriate to use the syringe.
  • Glucose monitor — Your diabetes glucose monitor is one of the most important diabetes testing supplies you will own, so it is important to buy one that you can understand easily. The format for the monitors is fairly simple. One end holds a sharp point that you use to pierce your skin, and you get test strips to soak up a drop of blood. The machine then takes the strip and analyzes your glucose level. The basic models will simply return your blood glucose level number, which you’ll need to interpret, while the more technically advanced monitors are programmable with your acceptable ranges and will alert you if your blood sugar level is outside of normal boundaries.
  • Lancets — The lancet is the medical term for the piece of surgical steel that you use to pierce your skin to release a drop of blood. On the whole, you should be fine with the diabetes lancets that come with the monitor, but some people find that the larger gauge lancets cause them acute pain. This can be problematic if you have to test every hour or so, so you can purchase narrow gauge lancets that let out less blood and tend to hurt less.

Diabetes testing supplies will help you to get a first diagnosis of the illness. Watch the video below

Accessing Free Supplies

free diabetes supply

One of the main problems with diabetes is that it is a chronic illness, meaning that you’ll be buying diabetes testing supplies for the rest of your life. However, the medical profession recognizes the enormous costs involved in this, and in most circumstances, you will get large discounts through your insurance.

In some cases, it is possible to get free diabetes supply, especially if you are on welfare support, have another chronic condition or already receive Medicare diabetes supplies. Check with your insurance provider before buying any products, as you may find that you can get a free blood sugar monitor if you buy the right brand.

If you do not qualify for a free diabetes medical supply, be sure to shop online for your diabetes testing supplies. You’ll often find that prices are cheaper on the Internet, and most medical supply distributors will offer you discounts on bulk orders. If nothing else, you should be able to negotiate free shipping direct to your door. Again, check with your insurance provider before buying anything, to make sure that you do not invalidate your benefits.

More about the Supplies for Diabetes

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