Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes test strips are one of the most affordable diabetic testing supplies on the market. They are usually sold in bulk, thus making their cost even cheaper. Also referred to as glucose test strips, diabetics can go through as many as seven or eight strips per day.

Several varieties of test strips are available for purchase, but you need to know which brands are compatible with your blood glucose monitor. When you prick your finger, the diabetes testing strip collects the blood, and the strip goes in the monitor for testing. The amount of glucose present in your blood sample determines whether your reading is within your desired range.

Diabetic Test Strips Cost

Many diabetics receive diabetes test strips for free. As this type of diabetic testing supply is usually covered under even the most basic insurance plans, you may not need to worry about the cost. However, uninsured diabetics find that purchasing their own diabetes testing strips can be a major budget item.

The first thing that you do is to confirm that the particular brand of diabetes testing strips you intend on purchasing will be covered under your insurance. If you have government sponsored insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid, you will need to purchase your diabetic testing supplies through a specific list of pre-approved vendors.

A small box of diabetes test strips may cost less than $10, but diabetics also need to be prudent about the manufacturers that they patronize. Government agencies have recalled testing strips because they did not give users accurate readings.

Types of Diabetic Testing Strips

Currently, two varieties of diabetes test strips are available. The first, and most commonly used type of diabetic testing strip requires the user to drop a small amount of blood onto it. The other kind of diabetic testing strip is more advanced, and uses gentle suction to make contact with the blood sample.

The less sophisticated diabetes testing strip variety will be cheaper, however, they can be problematic for diabetics that have trouble healing. More advanced diabetic testing strips are also less painful for diabetics to use. Since diabetics need to draw fresh blood samples every time that they want to get an accurate blood glucose reading, their fingertips can become quite sensitive and sore.

Diabetic Test Strips Brands

Diabetic Test Strips Brands

Ascensia, FreeStyle and Accu-Chek are among the most popular brands in the diabetic testing supplies market. Diabetics frequently purchase their testing supplies from other respectable vendors as well, but the above listed manufacturers are almost always covered by insurance.

You should ensure that the diabetes testing supply vendor that you utilize complies with Food and Drug Administration regulations. Even if the manufacturer is located outside of the United States, it is important that your testing supplies are created in facilities that are safe, clean and sterile.

How to Use Diabetes Testing Strips

In order to make use of a diabetes testing strip, you will need to have an electronic blood monitor on hand. Blood monitors analyze the data collected from glucose testing strips. Once you obtain your blood to get a reading, the results appear very quickly.

Most blood monitors have a small pin attached to them. Diabetics use these tiny pins to make a small adhesion, and then squeeze their fingertips until a small amount of blood is present. Once their blood makes contact with the testing strip, a reading is possible.

You can have your doctor go over how to use your diabetes test strips if you have any difficulties. As you learn how to master using your blood monitor, you may even become curious about different brands as well as various types of diabetic testing supplies.


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