Diabetes Foot Pain

Diabetes foot pain is a common side effect of being diabetic. One of the primary contributors to this pain is a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Approximately 25 percent of people who develop diabetes will develop some type of foot condition because of the disease. More than one factor that lead to foot problems in the diabetic, with two of the most common being:

Diabetes Foot Pain

  1. Peripheral neuropathy – refers to the condition where there is a loss or reduction of sensation in the feet and legs. This loss of sensation makes it easy for the diabetic to get hurt. They can get a cut or bruise and not feel it until complications develop. Some signs of this condition aside from the pain, which range from mild to excruciating, include tingling toes and feet, a burning sensation and numbness.
  2. Poor circulation – When damaged nerves stop blood from flowing properly to the legs, over time skin conditions can develop. To further complicate things, poor circulation results in slow healing of wounds. This is where proper diabetes foot care is vitally important. It is slow healing wounds, which more often than not result in amputations being necessary.

Managing Diabetes Foot Pain

At present, there is no cure as such for sufferers of this type of pain. Controlling the blood sugar level is the first step in managing the discomfort of nerve damage that leads to this condition. If the diabetes is under control, the damage to nerves from too much sugar in the body is less. Pain medication is also necessary for providing relief for sufferers.

Drugs that are helpful in reducing pain include anticonvulsants and opioids. Eating properly will also bring some measure of relief as getting the right nutrients helps to restore and maintain nerve health. Adding exercise to other healthy lifestyle habits will also play a role in keeping nerves healthy.

To ensure blood sugar levels are at a normal or near normal level means that frequent testing is necessary. Work with your healthcare professional to determine the best medication and lifestyle changes for reducing and keeping blood sugar levels down.

Six Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes Foot CareTo help prevent diabetes foot pain, the diabetic should pay special attention to caring for the feet. In fact, diabetes foot care is an important aspect of any diabetic management program. Some tips for keeping the feet healthy include:

  1. Do not wash the feet in hot water, instead warm water should be used
  2. Keep the feet and legs moisturized by using lotion after a bath. Some experts advise against using lotions between the toes. The excess moisturize can provide a breeding ground for bacteria
  3. Never rub the feet vigorously while drying as this can cause bruises
  4. Examine the feet daily as small blisters can develop into major sores later on. When checking, look under toenails as well as between the toes as it is difficult to feel the discomfort of small bruises and blisters due the nerve neuropathy
  5. Protect your feet by always wearing proper fitting shoes
  6. Periodically have a podiatrist exam your feet. Due to sensitivity issues, the diabetic may not notice certain problems so having a professional check is necessary.

While nerve damage tends to lead to diabetes foot pain, proper care can help alleviate the pain and discomfort so common to diabetics. Many people with diabetes fear having to get an amputation at some point. However, preventing amputations and other foot issues resulting from diabetic nerve damage is possible. Every diabetic should know that it is important to visit their doctor and discuss any foot issues.


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