Correlation Between Cinnamon and Blood Sugar

Medical evidence shows some correlation between cinnamon and blood sugar levels. By itself, cinnamon can effectively regulate blood sugar levels in most diabetics. However, a combination of cinnamon and insulin might be necessary to keep blood glucose levels within the range recommended by doctors.

If you cannot take insulin or have not achieved your desired results, cinnamon can be beneficial. A dose ranging from one to six grams needs to be consumed everyday if you want to use cinnamon as a diabetes management method. You should treat your diabetes symptoms with cinnamon only after you have confirmed that this is an acceptable method in your case.

Although cinnamon has qualities that help to lower blood glucose levels in diabetics, it is not a commonly recommended diabetic management tool. Cinnamon as a blood sugar regulator is tied to holistic medicine rather than a method used in traditional Western medicine.

Effectiveness of Cinnamon

Cinnamon can lower blood glucose levels; however, its effectiveness depends on mitigating factors. Diabetics who are overweight, have extremely high blood sugar readings and do not exercise will not likely get much benefit from cinnamon. Many patients with borderline diabetes and pre-diabetes symptoms can successfully use cinnamon to manage their diabetes as an alternative to insulin.

Since the majority of diabetics use insulin shots as their main method of diabetes management, cinnamon actually works to enhance results. In the event that your blood glucose levels are on the higher side of the normal range, using cinnamon can make a big difference.

The Interaction of Cinnamon and Insulin

Medical researchers do not state if potential complications can happen when using insulin and cinnamon together. Of course, extremely high dosages of either cinnamon or insulin simultaneously can possibly cause negative side effects. Taking no more than the recommended dose of insulin and or cinnamon will prevent diabetics from becoming ill. Cinnamon and blood sugar is a combination that continues to be the subject of physicians when discussing reliable diabetes treatment methods.

Since the maximum daily dose of cinnamon is not to exceed 6 grams per day, ingesting more can be problematic. Further research on the combined use of cinnamon and insulin in diabetics needs to be conducted in order to determine the full range of possible outcomes.

Other Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Health Benefits of CinnamonThe medical benefits of cinnamon and blood sugar are apparent to medical experts, but this spice also has cholesterol-lowering qualities. Because some diabetics also have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other illnesses related to obesity, cinnamon compliments a complete diabetes management system.

Only one medical study is linked to the diabetes related healing qualities listed, however, it continues to be utilized as an effective treatment method in several countries. Patients that have additional questions about cinnamon and blood sugar can bring up this topic to their doctors.

Cinnamon Versus Insulin

At a maximum, cinnamon only lowers blood glucose levels by approximately 25%. In comparison to insulin, which can almost instantaneously lower blood sugar levels much more efficiently, cinnamon is still the less effective of the two.

In emergencies, you should not rely on cinnamon to reduce blood glucose readings. However, as a long-term treatment method, cinnamon can work quite well.

Modern medicine will continue to make use of cinnamon and blood sugar management methods until another compound is shown to have qualities that are more beneficial. Doctors trained in Western medicine may tell their patients to try cinnamon as an added treatment for diabetes, but only if they have already been able to use prescription medicines to reduce and keep their blood glucose levels healthy and stable.

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