Child Diabetes Supply

Having immediate access to a child diabetes supply of items necessary to monitor and treat blood glucose levels is essential for any parent of a diabetic child. Some of the supplies used at home should also be kept in a portable diabetic bag that can be taken on short notice or on long trips. In addition to traditional diabetic supplies, a travel bag should also carry emergency information and phone numbers for pertinent doctors, clinics or hospitals.

Description of Supplies

Special diabetic bags are cushioned and insulated to keep insulin vials and glucose tables dry and cool. They also contain individual compartments to keep supplies organized for quick and easy access. A child diabetes supply bag should contain:

  • Insulin control solution, which checks the accuracy of the meter for testing blood glucose. Doctors suggest testing the meter, at least once a week to ensure the meter is providing correct readings.
  • Lancet device that holds the lancet, or tiny needle, that pricks the skin in order to draw blood to test glucose levels. This blood sample is then placed on a test strip, which is inserted into a blood glucose meter to implement a reading. A good lancet device for children is one that does not show the lancet before triggering the device.
  • Glucose tablets are needed when blood sugar drops too low and children experience dizziness, weakness or nausea. Primarily consisting of dextrose, or “D-glucose,” glucose tablets are chewable and come in different fruit flavors. Parents can purchase packs of glucose tablets to keep in a child diabetes supply bag. For older children, glucose tablets that are not chewable should be placed under the tongue where quick absorption into the bloodstream occurs. Dissolving any kind of medicinal tablet under the tongue provides a pathway to the blood that is quicker than the intravenous method.
  • Test strips and glucose monitor are used by placing a small amount of blood extracted by a lancet on a diabetic test strip. Diabetics receive an immediate reading on glucose levels in five seconds or less. Strips are plastic and extremely thin, created for easily insertion into a device meant to measure glucose level of the blood sample. These monitors have digital screens, which quickly reveal the amount of glucose. The same company that makes each glucose monitor also makes the strips for it, so test strips only work in the monitor for which they were made.
  • Insulin syringes or insulin tablets should be packed in a child diabetes supply bag with several standard syringes meant for U-100 insulin. Since these syringes are designed for self-injection by older children, they contain short, fine needles as well as marks on the syringe designating how much is being injected.
  • Insulin pump and infusion set for children who use insulin pumps should be included. An infusion set is necessary to release insulin into the body via tubing and a needle or cannula taped to the skin with medical adhesive tape. Infusion sets are either manually inserted under the skin or inserted using a device equipped with a button that is pressed to automatically inject the needle.
  • Wound care items are needed because diabetics have trouble healing wounds, which frequently become infected as a result of glucose-friendly bacteria. Wound cleansers specifically made for diabetics are available for purchase from diabetes supply companies. In addition, diabetes bags should contain Band-Aids and gauze.

Parents with diabetic children may also find help in purchasing diabetic supplies through various Medicare or Medicaid programs. If qualified, some of these programs may help pay for diabetes supplies, foot and eye exams to check for diseases commonly associated with diabetes, dietary supplements and even special child diabetes supply bags outfitted with compartments to carry long-lasting ice packs for insulin protection.


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