Frequent Urination

One of the early signs of diabetes is frequent urination due to the body attempting to eliminate a harmful excess of unused glucose from the body. A diabetic condition is the result of insufficient insulin amounts that prevent cells from absorbing and metabolizing glucose for energy. Accumulating glucose levels interfere with many body functions and produce early symptoms of diabetes such as:

  • Excessive thirst and increased appetite
  • Abnormal weight gain or loss
  • Vision problems
  • Craving for sugary foods
  • Unusual irritability and fatigue

When the kidneys are stressed by frequent urination, they are unable to fully perform the functions which they [Read more…]

Examine Pre Diabetes Signs And Symptoms

When diagnosed with pre diabetes, it means that you have high blood sugar, but it has not yet reached a stage where you can consider it type 2 diabetes. If you continue living your life in the same way, however, this diagnosis means that you will end up with diabetes within the next 10 years. If you find out that you have this high blood sugar problem, take the time to improve your health, before it becomes a major problem.

Signs and Symptoms

prevent pre diabetes

If you suspect that you could develop diabetes, make sure that you look for potential signs. The [Read more…]

Identifying Early Signs of Diabetes May Save Your Live

Recognition of the warning signs diabetes can help save your life or that of a loved one. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to a number of life-threatening conditions, but education can lead to diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention.

Types of Diabetes

Warning Signs Diabetes

The common types of diabetes have different causes and affect different populations:

  • Type I, or Juvenile-Onset Diabetes — often diagnosed pre-adolescence, this autoimmune disease is characterized by the failure of the pancreas to produce the insulin needed to transform glucose into energy.
  • Type II, or Adult-Onset — although adult-onset diabetes can affect any age group, the disease often occurs in [Read more…]

Diabetes and Foot Health

People with diabetes need to take extra care of their body, especially their feet. Checking your body daily can prevent many of these problems.

Warning Signs

If you develop any of these warning signs you should contact a podiatrist immediately before it’s too late. Here are 10 things to look for when checking your feet.

  • Pain in your legs or cramping in your buttocks, thighs, or calves during physical activity.
  • Tingling, burning otherwise pain in your feet.
  • Loss of the sense of touch or the ability to feel heat or cold very well.
  • Your feet changing shape over time.
  • Change [Read more…]

Learn The Facts About Foot Ulcer Treatment

Important in preventing infection or possibly gangrene, foot ulcer treatment for diabetics involves both doctor’s care as well as home care for the affected patient. Because a diabetic condition inhibits wound healing due to a blood containing high levels of glucose, proper treatment of any open wound occurring to a diabetic’s skin is vital to reducing bacterial growth. Additionally, many diabetics have difficulty maintaining adequate blood circulation to extremities due to peripheral neuropathy if they do not adequately manage high blood glucose.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when excess glucose within nerve cells produces abnormally large molecules or sorbitol, which cannot exit [Read more…]

Protect Yourself From Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetics are commonly affected by diabetic foot ulcers for several reasons, mostly concerning peripheral neuropathy resulting from poor circulation and nerve damage created by high blood glucose levels. It is easy for diabetics to suffer from nerve damage to the feet and not be aware of it, because the damage is often painless due to numbness or reduced feeling in the feet.

Diabetic Foot UlcersIn addition, those who have experienced partial vision loss due to diabetes may not be able to see the ulcer until it is too late, when it has already developed into a serious infection. Without proper and timely [Read more…]

Insure Your Health With Reversing Diabetes

A lot of controversy surrounds the issue of reversing diabetes. While no cure for diabetes exists once you become symptomatic, some researchers claim to have found a way of not just dealing with the symptoms but that can actually get the pancreas to produce more insulin. These techniques are known as reversing, rather than curing, diabetes and apply only to type 2 diabetes, where the function of the pancreas is partially impaired rather than stopped all together.

The Science

Diabetes is all about your blood sugar levels and your body’s ability to produce insulin to break down glucose, what [Read more…]

How to Cure Diabetes

Once diagnosed, many people wonder how to cure diabetes. Unfortunately there is no absolute cure for diabetes. You may be able to cure some types of diabetes and all types can be regulated, but there is not much you can do to force your body to properly regulate your blood sugar. Fortunately, even if your body cannot regulate your blood sugar, you can do plenty of things to do so, thus ensuring that you have minimal complications or symptoms of the disease.

Types of Diabetes

If you already have diabetes, you probably know that type one and type two are [Read more…]

Learn The Facts About Diabetes Insipidus Treatment

Decreasing the amount of urine output is the main goal of diabetes insipidus treatment. Several types of diabetes insipidus exist, which determines the kind of medication a physician prescribes to a patient. Symptoms of this disease resemble diabetes mellitus symptoms with the only difference revolving around the absence of hyperglycemia. As a result, some standard diabetes symptoms such as blurred vision or weight gain is not seen in those diagnosed with diabetes insipidus.

Symptoms of Diabetes Insipidus

The symptoms of diabetes insipidus are:

  • Experiencing constant and extreme thirst that may be almost uncontrollable
  • Passing excessive amounts of urine
  • A general [Read more…]

Learn The Facts About Diabetes Stem Cell Research

Advances in stem cell research diabetes have led to exciting breakthroughs in treating the disease in recent years. This research provides doctors with new techniques when treating the disease and provides hope for patients who have suffered through numerous complications. Funding for this type of research has also increased at the government level, making it much more viable moving forward.


Diabetes is quickly becoming an epidemic in the United States and around the developed world, as up to 200,000 people die from complications related to diabetes each year. An additional 16 million people in the United States alone suffer [Read more…]

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