Determined The Importance Of Testing For Diabetes

Diabetes affects over 20 million Americans, so testing for diabetes is becoming an important part of your annual check-up. If you’re seriously concerned that you have a lot of the symptoms of Type I or II diabetes, you should ask your doctor to do a diabetes blood test as soon as possible. While this will give you accurate results, the fact that you have had the test will go on your permanent medical records, and you may find your insurance premiums go up even if the test is not positive. If this concerns you, then you might want to think [Read more…]

Diabetes Test Kit

A diabetes test kit gives diabetics a tool to monitor their sugar levels outside the hospital as the test kit is designed to help diabetics monitor their glucose levels on their own, thereby empowering them in the management of their diseases. The test kits that are available either use blood or urine as a medium for checking the blood sugar level.

Checking sugar levels is very important for a diabetic as it helps in the management of diabetes over the course of the day. The common danger of diabetics is in never knowing when their sugar level has spiked or [Read more…]

Blood Sugar Testing

If you have diabetes or are at a high risk for diabetes, blood sugar testing is an extremely important part of managing your condition. Self-testing your blood sugar will help you to regulate it and can also be a big help in preventing long-term complications. You can do a basic blood sugar test using an easy, portable, hand-held device.


Blood sugar testing is very helpful in managing and living a healthy life with diabetes. For example, checking your blood sugar regularly allows you to better understand how your diet and exercise affect your blood sugar levels as well as [Read more…]

Diabetes Medical Supply

You currently have the choice of hundreds of diabetes medical supply companies across America who will ship your testing equipment to your front door. It can be hard to choose between them, and a simple search online may not pick out the one that will provide you with the best service. A good way to find a reputable supplier is to ask your doctor for their personal recommendations. You can always check out their prices and shipping times before buying.

In Person or Online

Many online medical supply merchants will be the Internet presence of brick and mortar stores, though [Read more…]

Child Diabetes Supply

Having immediate access to a child diabetes supply of items necessary to monitor and treat blood glucose levels is essential for any parent of a diabetic child. Some of the supplies used at home should also be kept in a portable diabetic bag that can be taken on short notice or on long trips. In addition to traditional diabetic supplies, a travel bag should also carry emergency information and phone numbers for pertinent doctors, clinics or hospitals.

Description of Supplies

Special diabetic bags are cushioned and insulated to keep insulin vials and glucose tables dry and cool. They also contain [Read more…]

Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes test strips are one of the most affordable diabetic testing supplies on the market. They are usually sold in bulk, thus making their cost even cheaper. Also referred to as glucose test strips, diabetics can go through as many as seven or eight strips per day.

Several varieties of test strips are available for purchase, but you need to know which brands are compatible with your blood glucose monitor. When you prick your finger, the diabetes testing strip collects the blood, and the strip goes in the monitor for testing. The amount of glucose present in your blood sample [Read more…]

Free Diabetes Supplies

Finding some free diabetes supplies can make living with the disease much easier, since you will have access to all of the supplies needed at all times. Diabetes can cost you a great deal of money, since the strips needed for testing, the syringes and the monitoring device all cost money. Keep an eye out for cost efficient ways to deal with diabetes to save you money long term.

Medical Insurance

The easiest way to get your diabetes supplies for free is through your health insurance provider. Often, insurance covers things like lancets and monitors, which allow you to keep [Read more…]

Insulin Syringe

An insulin syringe is one of the easiest ways for a diabetic to inject insulin into the bloodstream. This insulin helps keep blood glucose levels in a normal range, which prevents many of the complications that go with diabetes. Before using a syringe, you must make sure that you have the proper size and learn how to use it without injuring yourself.


The size of syringe that you use depends on how much insulin you inject at one time. When purchasing a syringe it will have measurement in either milliliters or cubic centimeters.

The most common syringes read U100, [Read more…]

Glucose Monitors

Glucose monitors are an easy and portable way to keep an eye on your blood glucose levels throughout the day. You should test your levels before and after meals, as well as at random times daily to ensure that your levels remain normal. If your blood glucose levels go beyond what your doctor has recommended, you should either consume the necessary food or take the medication that your doctor has prescribed.

How to Test

These tests generally take a few minutes to complete and come with a few different tools. You will need diabetes lancets, which help you draw blood [Read more…]

Maintain Blood Sugar Level With Diabetes Testing Supplies

Getting hold of the right diabetes testing supplies will help you to get a first diagnosis of the illness in the first place and will then allow you to maintain control over your blood sugar levels. Depending on your type of diabetes and your personal circumstances, you may need to test your sugar levels anywhere between once a day and once an hour. The more severe your condition, the more likely you are to qualify for free diabetes supplies from mail order companies that negotiate directly with your health insurance provider.

Essential Testing Supplies

Any diabetes test kit should come [Read more…]

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