Diabetes Complications FAQ

Answers to a Diabetes Complications FAQ can give you a general idea of what to expect and how to proceed to get further information if you are a diabetic. The most important fact you can learn about diabetes is that you can manage your condition and lead a very healthy and productive life.

Diabetes comes with many complications; while some are true, others are created to capitalize on the fears of diabetics. Information is your best weapon against diabetes. Find reputable and reliable sources, such as the American Diabetes Association or National Diabetes Association, to help you understand what diabetes [Read more…]

Diagnose The Link Between Sugar Diabetes And Pregnancy

Thanks to advances in medicine, sugar diabetes and pregnancy is no longer something to fear. With proper management of your diabetes, you can have a normal pregnancy and a healthy delivery. The secret is to maintain your blood sugar levels within an acceptable range both before and during your pregnancy.

An estimated nine percent of American women have diabetes and one-third of those do not even know they have it. All women, especially those of childbearing years, should have regular checkups. Early diagnosis of diabetes is essential for a successful program of treatment and management.

Before Getting Pregnant

Sugar diabetes [Read more…]

How To Prevent The Diabetes Complications

The severity of diabetes complications can range from minor to life threatening. Unless you regulate your blood glucose levels with diet and medication, you may experience devastating issues with:

Diabetes Complications

As a Diabetic you have cells that are unable to absorb insulin or lack the ability to produce sufficient insulin, causing glucose levels to rise and health conditions to deteriorate. Unless your cells are able to take in [Read more…]

Identify The Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

When you suffer from diabetes, eating foods that lower blood sugar remains extremely important to your overall health. Your doctor might recommend that you visit a dietician to help get your blood sugar in check, but you should gain awareness of a few simple rules beforehand. High blood sugar usually arises when you consume too much fat and too many calories, so changing your eating habits can help you eliminate this problem.


Foods That Lower Blood SugarAlthough carbohydrates have high caloric values, you should still consume them for energy. In the process, however, make sure that you choose healthy carbohydrates like whole grains, [Read more…]

Lowering Blood Sugar

Lowering blood sugar is a challenging task if you have been newly diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic and need to exercise diet control. If you are in the pre-diabetic range you should try and lower your blood sugar and prevent the sugar levels from rising and going into full-blown diabetic range. Remember, diabetes cannot be cured and has to be managed and controlled as it is a serious disease and not a minor ailment.

Lowering Blood SugarYou should also check your sugar levels regularly – you can do the tests at home with a simple sugar testing machine and get the results [Read more…]

Borderline Diabetes Diet

The borderline diabetes diet consists of a higher ratio of fiber, protein, vegetables and whole-wheat grains. You should avoid processed junk foods, sodas and juices that have high sugar content. These are also the same elements of a pre-diabetic diet.

Essentially, a diagnosis of borderline diabetes shows that your body is having a difficult time regulating blood sugar levels. This can be due weight gain, rapid weight loss, prolonged periods of inactivity or even a genetic predisposition to diabetes. Following the diet will not eliminate the risk of becoming a diabetic in the future, but it may reduce your chances [Read more…]

How to Prevent Diabetes

For some people, their genetic make-up may mean that learning how to prevent diabetes is irrelevant as they will be predisposed to the illness regardless of their diet and lifestyle choices. For many Americans, however, type 2 diabetes is a threat of a dire consequence that stems from unhealthy eating habits and addiction to drugs like nicotine and alcohol. Diabetes can be avoidable in these situations by learning how to lower blood sugar levels through natural processes.


How to Prevent DiabetesThe first piece of advice that doctors will give their patients who are asking about lowering blood sugar is to maintain a [Read more…]

Examine How Diabetes Vitamins Are Beneficial

Diabetes creates a large amount of free radicals, which makes diabetes vitamins and mineral supplements just as important as insulin in controlling the disease. The free radicals consume more of the body’s antioxidants, which must be replaced in order to maintain good health

Believed to be the culprit, the glucose molecule makes proteins and lipids more likely to oxidize. Free radicals are a direct result of oxidation. Antioxidants like vitamin E have been proven to curb the oxidation process, reducing the amount of vitamin-robbing free radicals.

Many doctors recommend for their diabetic patients 250 to 1000 milligrams of vitamin C [Read more…]

Determine The Effects Of Glucosamine Diabetes

Arthritis sufferers often use glucosamine diabetes drugs to alleviate their symptoms. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is often used as a dietary supplement. It has not been approved by the FDA, but is often recommended to help with osteoarthritis symptoms. Many people who suffer from both arthritis and diabetes opt not to take glucosamine as they worry that it may negatively affect their blood sugar.

Glucosamine is a compound that occurs naturally in your body and is a major factor in your body’s production of joint cartilage. Taking glucosamine supplements promotes joint cartilage growth, which can help alleviate osteoarthritis [Read more…]

Identify The Best Supplements For Diabetes

While most people regulate diabetes through diet and exercise, supplements for diabetes will help your body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The word “supplement” is key here as it refers to a group of diabetes vitamins and herbal remedies that are taken in conjunction with the usual precautions around diabetes. They are not intended to be a cure-all and should definitely not take the place of any medication your doctor has prescribed.

Common Supplements

Diabetes affects each person in a different way, and each sufferer will display different symptoms and will respond differently to medication and supplements. Each of [Read more…]

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