Improving Your Health with Your Diet

Improving Your Health With Your Diet explains step-by-step just how easy it is to make all-important changes in your diet without sacrificing your favorite foods (or making drastic changes to your routine).

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In this video, you’ll learn:

1. Healthy Eating Basics
2. Controlling Diabetes with Food
3. What Nutrients Do I Need?
4. What to Eat, What to Avoid
5. Diabetes and Treats
6. Food Cravings
7. Eating Out


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Adding Exercise to Your Routine

This high-resolution video explains step-by-step how to begin an exercise program and make it a part of your daily routine.


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In this video, you’ll learn:

1. Benefits of Working Out
2. Terminology
3. Talk to Your Doctor First
4. Where Do You Start?
5. Recommended Frequency
6. Weight Loss and Management
7. Working Out at the Appropriate Intensity
8. Diabetics on Insulin
9. Working Out with Neuropathy
10. Secrets and Tricks to Managing Diabetes While Exercising
11. The Potential Risks of Working Out as a Diabetic


Watch your Video Here:

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