Borderline Diabetes Diet

The borderline diabetes diet consists of a higher ratio of fiber, protein, vegetables and whole-wheat grains. You should avoid processed junk foods, sodas and juices that have high sugar content. These are also the same elements of a pre-diabetic diet.

Essentially, a diagnosis of borderline diabetes shows that your body is having a difficult time regulating blood sugar levels. This can be due weight gain, rapid weight loss, prolonged periods of inactivity or even a genetic predisposition to diabetes. Following the diet will not eliminate the risk of becoming a diabetic in the future, but it may reduce your chances of the disease becoming life threatening. No cure for diabetes exists, and even people who have no other medical issues can develop it.

Overweight people are especially at risk of becoming diabetic, whether they have a family history of diabetes or not. Because older people usually become more inactive as they age, their risk of developing diabetes also increases. Regular diets that do not take carbohydrate or sugar intake into account will not be as effective as the pre-diabetic diets.

Carbohydrates and Diabetes

Even though carbohydrate rich foods are not necessarily sugary in taste, when broken down, they do contain higher concentrations of sugars than protein. This is why protein is an essential element of the borderline diabetes diet. Those with pre-diabetes rarely need to have their blood glucose levels tested daily; however, doing so may help you to determine how well the diet is working.

Pre-diabetics are not required to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet, but they should avoid carbs whenever possible. Substituting regular sodas for carbonated drinks that are sugar free is another suggestion. Foods, which are highest in carbohydrates, include:

  • White bread
  • Potatoes
  • White pasta
  • Ice cream

Ideally, the majority of carbohydrates consumed on the borderline diabetes diet should consist of complex, whole wheat carbohydrates made with brown rice and grains. if you are borderline diabetes you still need to eat carbohydrates everyday, but a much smaller amount than what the average person eats.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

Diabetes and Weight LossThe onset of type 2 diabetes is usually due to a combination of excess weight along with a lack of exercise. People who remain overweight for a number of years are usually warned by their doctors to lose weight well before they are labeled as pre-diabetics. If you want to avoid this disease, take your doctor’s advice and make an effort to lose weight while in the borderline diabetes stage.

Along with following the borderline diabetes diet, you will have to tailor your exercise routine to allow for more weight loss. It can take several months for pre-diabetics to have their blood sugar levels to return to normal, even after becoming considerably more active.

Exercising with Diabetes

In some instances, just by increasing your amount of physical activity, you can lower your blood glucose test results. This method of pre-diabetes management shows the most promising results in patients that already follow healthy diets.

Ultimately, your doctor is the only person that can help you develop an effective borderline diabetes management plan. Having knowledge of your risk factors as well as an understanding of how carbohydrates and complex sugars impact the body is essential for the elimination of borderline diabetes symptoms.

If you are not overweight, do not have any immediate family members that are diabetic and eat few carbohydrates, the borderline diabetes diet may be helpful. Even if you do eventually become a diabetic, it is possible that you will be able to better manage your symptoms by continuing to follow the guidelines set forth in the pre-diabetic diet, to which you have become accustomed.


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