Advantages Of Diabetes Support Group

Finding a diabetes support system is often one of the first steps you will take when first diagnosed with the disease. Your friends and families can offer you emotional help, but you will need the peace of mind that a doctor can give you, as well as the shared experience with other diabetes sufferers. Each person can offer you a different perspective and a different story from which you may benefit, so it is important to build your support network as wide as possible.

Diabetes Support Groups

Diabetes Support

You can join online groups where you can talk with people through forums and live web chats or you can attend a diabetes support group in person. The support groups typically consist of people who have all forms of diabetes, but you can find one that specifically matches your type if you’re looking for specific advice on diabetes medications and management techniques. Sometimes the mere contact with other people dealing with diabetes removes the feeling that you are all alone with your illness.

National Organizations

The scale of diabetes in modern America has led to the creation of numerous diabetes support organizations. The two key organizations to look at joining are the American Diabetes Association and the National Diabetes Association. The two provide a valuable resource for diabetes sufferers in different ways.

The American Diabetes Association focuses more on the diabetes support side of things, with access to support groups and information about the causes and symptoms of high blood sugar levels. Their website offers advice on how to tell your workplace about your condition, how to change your diet and exercise patterns to meet your blood sugar needs and how to contact medical experts who will be able to answer your questions via phone or email.

The National Diabetes Association aims to help diabetes sufferers through the care and medical management of their illness. By becoming a free member, you’ll be able to:

  • Access their database of places to get cheap and free diabetes supplies.
  • Contact a diabetes specialist who can give you online prescriptions in the event that you cannot meet with a doctor.
  • Find recommendations and reviews on dozens of diabetes-related products from glucose monitors to Diabetes testing strips.

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You can join both organizations, as the National Diabetes Association also provides message boards and forums for discussion. The main thing to think about is that the American Diabetes Association will let you access all parts of their website and information database for free, leaving you the choice of whether to sign up to their email list, while the National Diabetes Association requires you to sign up, albeit for free, before allowing you access to their materials.

Diabetes Blogs and Magazines

Diabetes Blogs and Magazines

Away from face-to-face and virtual support from other diabetes sufferers, a wealth of information and guidance can be gained from reading, diabetes blogs or by subscribing to a diabetes care magazine.

Typically, regular people who use them as an avenue to share their experiences, knowledge and advice with the world write these blogs. The best magazines will have articles from a certified diabetes educator to help explain the biological processes at work, from which you can form your care plans.

The main thing to remember when you find out that you have diabetes is that you are not alone. The various types of diabetes affect over 24 million Americans of all age ranges, genders and races, meaning that it’s easy to find diabetes support that is relevant to your situation. If you’re struggling to get started, ask your health care professional, who should be able to give you some reading material and details of local support groups and websites.

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