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When seeking out diabetes cures, you need to understand the type of Diabetes you have – Type I, II or Gestational. Discovering the cause of a problem is the best way to find a solution or best treatment option(s) for your body.

Risks of Diabetes

Although each form of diabetes presents differently, potential long-term complications of poor insulin control include:

  • Kidney Damage
  • Poor Circulation
  • Heart Disease
  • Neuropathy
  • Retinopathy
  • Osteoporosis

In addition, individuals diagnosed with diabetes need to monitor skin abrasions, lesions and ulcers; ignoring symptoms, especially in the lower extremities, can result in a gangrene infection and lead to amputation.

Finding diabetes cures and/or treatments to maintain control over blood sugar levels decreases the probability of the aforementioned complications.

Types I Diabetes

Juvenile onset or Type I Diabetes is the most difficult to find a cure. Caused by an auto-immune disease, those with Type I completely stop producing insulin and without regular injections of insulin, the disease is fatal.

Aside from a pancreatic, islet or stem cell transplant, diabetes cures in the truest sense don’t apply to Type I Diabetes. However, many natural and alternative treatments, taken in adjunct with daily insulin, lead to better blood sugar control. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new regimes such as:

  • Diet – eat small meals throughout the day, balancing one portion of protein to every two carbohydrates; avoid foods and drinks with high glucose levels such as sodas, candy bars or other “junk” foods
  • Exercise – the more active you are, the healthier you will be; that said, monitor for possible fluctuations in blood-sugars when beginning any exercise program
  • Supplements that support the endocrine system:
  1. Chromium Picolinate – aids in metabolism
  2. Bilberry – anti-oxidant that aids in circulation, specifically protecting the eyes
  3. Gymnema – helps maintain proper blood-glucose levels

Although these and other alternative treatments may not yield a complete diabetes cure, they assist with greater blood sugar control, decrease risks of long-term health issues and aid in the overall management of your disease.

“Rachel was a very successful business woman. At the age of just 25 she had gained too much success. She has no time for her health. Several times she has an issue with the blood sugar levels but she ignored them…iIt was an alarm that she ignored. After a month: during her regular checkup she came to know that she has developed type-1 diabetes. Because of the type 1 diabetes her body had stopped producing insulin.

Her family doctor told her that there are many alternative treatments available that can help her to control blood sugar level. She changed her lifestyle a bit and took a new step forward towards complete diabetes cure. She started taking supplements, following a proper diet and exercising.”

Type II Diabetes

Diabetes cures are more apt for those with adult-onset or Type II Diabetes. Type II often has a specific cause such as obesity or medication and, as such, a natural cure for diabetes is possible for many people.

Rather than the pancreas ceasing to work, Type II Diabetics often do not produce enough useable insulin to convert glucose into energy; warning signs usually include frequent urination and lethargy.

Type II diabetes cures include lifestyle and dietary changes, traditional medication and/or insulin, herbal and botanical supplements as well as certain vitamins and minerals. Everyone responds differently to traditional and alternative treatments; a diabetes cure can include one or more of the following:

  • Exercise – simply losing excess weight might be enough to restore normal blood sugar levels
  • Diet – similar to Type I; seek the help of a nutritionist to find the right diet
  • Herbs – make sure to contact a qualified herbalist or holistic doctor before taking:
  1. Ginseng – proven to help “stabalize” insulin and lower blood sugar
  2. Cinnamon – lowers blood sugar and cholesterol/triglycerides
  3. Fenugeek – shown to control sugars
  4. Psyllium – improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  5. Milk Thistle – aids in blood sugar control and liver disease
  • Vitamins and Minerals – achieved through supplements or diet:
  1. Chromium – aids in the metabolism of glucose and lipids (fats)
  2. Vitamin C – reduces potential of kidney, nerve and eye damage as well as general infections
  3. B Complex Vitamins – aids in breaking down glucose
  4. Magnesium – can prevent Type II insulin resistance

While a natural cure for diabetes may be as simple as losing weight for one person, you might need a combination of traditional and alternative treatments – don’t get discouraged, with the help of knowledgeable professionals you will manage your diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes occurs during pregnancy, often during the latter stages when excess weight pressing on the pancreas results in insufficient insulin production.

Easiest of all diabetes cures, once a woman gives birth her blood sugars return to normal. However, regular OB/GYN check-ups require extra monitoring that may include ultrasound, blood-work and checking blood-pressure.

Most women just need to be conscious of diet, exercise and monitor blood sugars; nevertheless, should your sugars remain excessively high, your doctor may choose to put you on insulin for the duration of your pregnancy.



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