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What I’ve Learned from My Legacy

Hi, my name is Peter Simon and I want to share with you a key reason to engage creating this site. Hope you enjoy it, and thank you for your interest.

A few years after I was born, my father was diagnosed with diabetes type I. My grandmother also had diabetes. Even with the evidence of a family history, I didn’t ask questions. I didn’t take the time to understand what I might have to deal with down the line.

I watched as my father injected himself daily, changed his eating habits, and watched how he went about his daily activities. I didn’t think anything about it. Diabetes framed his life; he was used to it. He did what he thought was best with the knowledge he had at the time. He reduced his overall calories and sugars, but nothing more than that. His regular exercise was walking. Over time he walked less and less.


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My father worked hard. He worked long hours, under intense pressure, without realizing that the exertion and stress also impacted his diabetes. His only source of guidance was his regular doctor who followed the recommended practices of the medical community at that time. Of course we know more now.

My father did practice the basics. He faithfully monitored his blood sugar. He used the numbers as he was told to by his doctor.

My father grew more symptomatic with age. His heart was the biggest source of trouble. One of his arteries became severely damaged. He was told he would need an operation to correct it, but because of his age and his status as a diabetic, the operation was very high-risk. So he decided to continue on as usual, with the knowledge that his life could end at any moment.

His health continued to deteriorate. He started to lose cognitive function. He became physically weak and could not take care of basic tasks. He would often spontaneously fall asleep.

At the age of 81, after 35 years of living with diabetes, my father died of a heart attack. Thankfully, he died in peace. His leaving was simple. He said he felt dizzy, and he fell into the arms of a family member.

After he passed, one of my coworkers wanted to send flowers, or leave something in my father’s memory. She suggested a donation to an institution, and I suggested one dedicated to diabetes research.

I started receiving information from the organization she’d given to. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. I became more involved in the diabetic world. I watched the number of diabetics increase over time, and I saw what they were facing. In the US, where processed foods are common, the numbers are particularly high, as well in Mexico. (The people of Mexico were actually the first consumers of soft drinks in the world.)

As the numbers of people being diagnosed with diabetes grew, I was feeling restless, and I wasn’t sure what I could do to help. At the same time, I was looking for a side business to start in partnership with my wife. We discussed several possibilities, but couldn’t reach an agreement. At one point, I had an idea — I proposed a way to become even more involved in helping those with diabetes. I could see it — a way to educate people and offer them positive approaches for change, for better health.


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Change is always possible, but not without education. There are many things that my father did not know about his diabetes. No one should be naive about his or her health. www.living-healthy-with-diabetes.com’s goal is to end the ignorance that damages so many lives.

My father — rest in peace — cannot benefit from what I’ve learned. I am also in higher risk to have diabetes, as part of my family heritage. But I am more aware of the causes and the changes we can all make to reduce the risk of complications, and more importantly, reduce the number of people being diagnosed with diabetes each day.

I can say that today I am more prepared to make better decisions about my health. My aim with this site is to help others, like you, avoid diabetes, or, if you’ve struggled with the disease, to find a higher quality of life while facing it.

I hope you will learn and grow from what the site has to offer.



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