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Welcome! Our Mission is to provide you with practical resources giving you a significant advantage confronting blood sugar challenges. Facing the facts is not always easy. However by following the right approach you will reach a healthier and fulfilled live with diabetes.

Living Healthy with Diabetes is a leading website and membership site for the empowerment of people with diabetes or with loved ones with diabetes.

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Our goal is to make living with diabetes easier for everyone! – and we do our best to accomplish it. With several pages of valuable content available for you in this site you have a wide range of resources to make the right decisions for you.

Our Premium Membership Service brings you even deeper into solutions and recommendations. With very practical and simple steps for you to follow this special service is unique in the market providing you with the valuable and practical recommendations in support to you and your loved ones.

Live Healthier

Would you like to identify undiscovered alternatives and best practices to live healthier with diabetes? Search the following topics for great recommendations.

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Relieve Effects

Are you looking for solutions to relieve you or a loved one from blood sugar effects? Take a look at the topics below.

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Monitor Your Blood

Do you want to have a real control on your diabetic situation? Explore the recommendations in this section.

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Are you just diagnosed or in search for deeper learning on diabetes? Select the links below.

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As a member of LHWD Vitality Membership, you have access to our best content - information that can you put on track to a better life today! Take a look at our sample membership resources.

Adding Exercise to Your Routine

  • Benefits of Working Out
  • Where Do You Start?
  • Recommended Frequency
  • Weight Loss and Management
  • Diabetics on Insulin
  • Secrets and Tricks
  • Potential Risks

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Improving Your Health with Your Diet

  • Controlling Diabetes with Food
  • What Nutrients Do I Need?
  • What to Eat, What to Avoid
  • Diabetes and Treats
  • Food Cravings
  • Eating Out

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Our Expert Guides for Recently Diagnosed Diabetics

  • Understand your condition and take control
  • Three Simple-to-Follow Guides Set
  • Recently Diagnosed Diabetics
  • Learning to Live with Diabetes
  • Understanding Type I

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